C5 and C6 Corvette License Plate LED Bulbs

100% plug n play led license plate enhancement for the rear of the C5 and C6 Corvette. These leds enhance the rear by adding a touch of luxury over the standard yellowish factory bulbs.

White is suggested for the most light output. We do not suggest driving on public roads with any other color  than white installed.

Includes (2) bulbs for a complete plug n play swap. No modifications needed. Our led kit features (5) SMD leds on each bulb.


Ships free in the USA!

** Note C7 pics in the listing are of the exact same bulbs **



JWM will replace any defective bulb for as long as you own the car (original purchaser only).

If you experience a problem with the leds within 30 days of the order date JWM will send a free replacement with a return label.

Simply email us for a warranty claim. JWM will send the address to send in any defective bulbs (after the 30th day). JWM will send replacement(s) at no charge to the customer.

Shipping and install charges are not refundable. LEDs must be sent in for warranty claim.



How to Install


Both C5 and C6's install the same. Simply remove the two torx screws on each license plate light housing (2 per car). Remove the old bulb. Be careful as it will be hot (if it's been used).

Next we need to insert our led bulbs. Keep in mind that the polarity must be matched with leds. The bulbs will plug in two ways, but only work plugged in one way. To find out which way is correct insert the bulb and test (turn the headlights or fogs on). If it doesn't light up, remove and flip 180 degrees and try again. It should now light up.

Secure the housing with the torx screws to finish it off.

C5 and C6 Corvette License Plate LED Bulbs
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